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hey pal just wanted to let you know that you're fucking awesome. you follow your heart and you do what you have to do friend. writing is an art, and art should be fun, and art isn't art anyway unless there's passion behind it. i for one will appreciate whatever contributions you make to this fandom, however you make them, and whichever ones you make to any other fandom. youre a wordsmith pal, and i think we're pretty lucky that you share anything you create with us at all. u do u booboo. u do u.

ahhh oh geez it’s the stuff like this??? thank you, love, this really means a whole bunch like you don’t even know. 

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okay so considering i flicker back to this blog every now and again, it’d only be reasonable to answer the main question that’s been cropping up time and time again. 

"When are you going to update Hands Off?"

i kid you not over 150 of the messages in my inbox are variations of this one question. 
and i’m real sorry loves, but i just don’t think i’m going to pick it up again. looking back in it, gosh that was a full year ago and i was at a completely different junction in my life. my writing style was (and still is, in different ways) lacking, and i don’t think i’ll be able to continue it

i’m not into homestuck as much as i used to be, enough to occasionally make headcanons but i’m not nearly passionate enough about it to write for the fandom anymore. 
i’ve moved onto writing for other things including, but not limited to, inception, skyfall, teenwolf, tron, the avengers, spn, and x-men so it’s really hard to get back into writing for something like homestuck??

gosh i’m really sorry and i know it’s terrible of me, but hands off had it’s run and im super appreciative of everyone that ever took an interest in it. thank you guys so much for every kind comment that was offered that kept me writing through that slump. 

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youre baaaaaack :D

somewhat uvu

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wow okay so i’ve been thinking about drugs and like
so the first time dave drops acid he’s obviously with bro and probably like 17 or s/t
i mean, the first time he does anythinghe’s with bro because bro is like that parental figure that’s like “if you’re going to do drugs you’re doing them with me”

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just a friendly reminder that striders cuddling is always a good thing

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i can just imagine like when dave was a little kid he absolutely refUSED to take a shower and would only ever take baths

like whenever bro would try to force him into the shower he would kick and scream and scratch and scream some more and jerk and cry until bro gave up and took a bath with him (he was super paranoid that dave was gonna drown somehow if he just left him in there alone????)

and so like through out the years he amassed an arsenal of bath toys ranging from rubber duckies to tiny water guns

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I love you.

im sORRY

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Dave has reading glasses okay because he’s really farsighted

he tries his best not to use them but sometimes he’s really gotta

and of course they’re like these square big bright red rimmed things that bro picked out because hes kind of an ass even though Dave just wanted prescription sunglasses


stop writing adorable headcanons

stop that right now

omg this might be really old but idfk just lOOK AT IT AHHAAH BRO U ASSHOEL

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i have this thing where my headcanon generally plunks dirk and/or bro at a exact 50/50 bisexual preference

because really why limit yourself to just one, shame for anyone to miss out on a strider (bro’s words not mine)

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To that anon: Just because Bro may be an alternate Dirk, bear in mind that alternates are not always the same in every single way. That and it's my personal belief that Bro and Dirk are two separate people. I'm not saying this to put your opinion down, but now it's my turn to just throw this out there.

anon i think it might have been a joke vuv