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whenever dad wants to punish John, rather than denying the boy sex

he’ll dig out his most favorite thing he owns for the bedroom

a little tube of cake flavored lube (you’d be surprised at the flavors this shit comes in and it took a lot of online searching to find this one he wanted red velvet and ended up settling for devils food, which is still more than okay)

and he’ll beckon John into the bedroom and coat his cock in it and tell the boy to suck and not stop until he says so

and John whines because he can see the little yellow jar and god he hates sweets but he complies anyways, getting down on his knees and wrapping his lips around his fathers cock

his hands go up but the older egbert tsks at him, tells him hands behind his back and mouth only, and if he feels even a hint of teeth the punishment is going to get much worse

a groan slips johns lips, shakily clasping his hands behind his back as he struggles to wrap his lips around his own teeth and take his father down to the hilt which is tough shit because dad isn’t lacking in size

he slips up once, teeth just barely grazing a stray vein but Egbert doesnt comment on it, let’s John keep going without another mistake.

and right when he’s about to finish and johns waiting for that sweet moment he gets to taste his father, he’s shoved back, smacking his lips at the taste of precum and cake as he begs, literally begs his daddy to let him swallow.

and the older egbert shakes his head, tells John he felt teeth, adds that he’s not allowed to take care of himself until tomorrow, or else.

and John shudders under his gaze, let’s himself collapse on the floor after his dad has retreated to the bathroom

god why did he let himself get a C on that test.

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